AR Statements/Letters/Labels screen in Sage 300

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The purpose of A/R Statements/Letters/Labels screen to print statements, letters, or labels for a customer or national account. This screen is use to print a sample covering letter and a sample mailing label form, formatted for laser printers that you can use or change to suit company’s requirements.

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We can Print statements at the end of billing cycles, and send them to your customers to show the status of their accounts and to request payment.

To print a statement, letters or labels

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Customer Reports > Statements/Letters/Labels.
  2. Statements, letters, and labels (any reports printed using the database query used by the default statement that comes with Accounts Receivable) can include the following features and information:
    • Company’s name, address, phone numbers, contact person, and telephone numbers.
    • The customer’s name and address, from the customer account or ship-to location.
    • Customer credit limit and credit available.
  3. For each transaction, the document number, document date, transaction type, reference number (for an invoice) or applied document number (for a transaction matched to an invoice), due date, and current amount of the transaction.
  4. The dunning message specified on the A/R Options screen or selected for the statements, if you added message sets in the Dunning Messages screen.
  5. The number of days in each aging period, and totals for each period. The transactions are aged by due date. You can age documents by document date, and include current transactions.
  6. The previous balance, credits and new charges since the last statement, and the new balance.

2. Statements, letters, and labels


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