Auto Emailing on Order Posting in Sage 300 ERP

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In our previous blog we have seen that, how we send email automatically from Payment Posting to multiple email ids exists in Vendor Master Screen.

New stuff:- Lot number automation on Purchase Order Receipt Screen

Before we proceed further, short overview about standard order functionality

Use the O/E Order Entry screen to enter, edit, and post transactions, print documents, enter prepayments and perform other key Order Entry tasks.

Use the Order tab to perform the following tasks:

  • Specify general information about the order
  • Select options related to tax, project and job costing, project invoicing, and retainage
  • Add and edit detail lines for items and miscellaneous charges on the Details table

You can use the fields and options at the top of the Order tab to specify general information about the order and to select options related to tax, project and job costing, project invoicing, and retainage.

  • In this blog, we will discuss how we to customize Order screen in such a way that, on click of the post button, an email should be sent automatically to multiple email ids linked to order along with order confirmation PDF attachment.

For getting multiple linked email ids, you need to enter mail ids in Customer master Email ID Field. (Refer below screen also highlighted Email field with Red border)

Note: – User can link more than one Email id using  ”;” separator

We have customize the Order Screen & the customization will work as:

On click of POST button, we will fetch all the mail ID’s of Order customer from the custom table & put it into “TO” part.

We will fetch all the respective mail ID’s of order customer from custom table &b put it into “CC”.

While sending the email system will attach the PDF file of Order confirmation report.


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