Barcode integration with IC internal usage Screen in Sage300

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Use IC internal usage screen to:

  • Record the withdrawal of items from inventory for your own company’s use. For example, an office supply store could take a desk from inventory for a new employee, or use office supplies, such as paper, pencils, and pens.
  • Import internal usage transactions from other Sage 300 databases or from non-Sage 300 programs.
  • Export internal usage transactions.
  • Assign serial and/or lot numbers for internal usage of serialized or lot items if you have a license to use Serialized Inventory and Lot Tracking.

New Stuff:- Barcode integration with IC Adjustment Screen in Sage300

When you specify the quantity for a serialized or lot item in a detail and then tab the quantity field, the respective Serial/Lot Numbers Allocation or Generation screen appears. You use it to assign the required serial numbers and lot numbers to items in the detail line.

In this blog, we will discuss about below customized IC internal usage screen which we have customized and how it helps the user to find item number, the LOT number of item etc.

To navigate the screen:-

  • IC Inventory Control –>I/C Transaction –> internal usage

Let’s take an example to the explained purpose of this blog.

Suppose at the time of creating IC internal usage Entry we have item number (A1-900/L) at detail line and on the click of an F6 button below popup Window will be open.  (Refer Below screen)

Customized window:-

On clicking the F6 button, the above window will open with the same details which present on internal usage detail level like item number

If the selected item is a combination of the Serial number then serial number textbox will be enabled then we will scan a serial number of the item and that will be updated under serial number field and other LOT number textbox will get disabled.

If the selected item is a combination of LOT number then Lot number textbox will be enabled then we will scan Lot number of the item and that will be updated under Lot number field and Serial number textbox will get disabled.

And click on save button we will maintain all those scanned data in Standard Serial /Lot screen

Note: – the user can manually assign Quantity to Lot number


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