Barcode integration with shipment Screen in Sage300

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Use the O/E Items/Taxes screen to add, edit, and delete items and charges, and to change tax information for items and charges. Use the Shipment Entry screen to enter and post shipments, add miscellaneous charges, create invoices, print picking slips, and assign serial numbers and/or lot numbers. This screen displays details for a single item or charge on a screen, rather than in a table row, making it easier for you to review and modify information without scrolling.

In this blog, we will discuss about below customized OE Shipment screen which we have customized and how it help user to find  item number, LOT number of item etc.

To navigate the screen:-

  • OE Order Entry à O/E Transaction à Shipment Entry :-

Please refer below screen:-

Let’s take example to explained purpose of this blog.

Suppose At the time of creating shipment Entry we have item number (A-900/B) at detail line with Qty B/O 5 and on the click of F6 button below popup Window will be open.  (Refer Below screen)

Customized window:-


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