Customized Gl transaction Listing Report

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The G/L Transactions Listing report lists the net changes, balances, and transaction details for accounts in a range of fiscal years and periods you specify.

To print the G/L Transactions listing report:

  • Open General Ledger > G/L Reports > Transactions Listing.
  • Specify the order in which to sort transactions.
  • You can sort transactions by account number, by a particular segment (such as department or region), by account groups, or by account sorted groups.
  • If printing one particular division or region, you should sort by the division or region segment.
  • Specify the range of fiscal years and periods to print.

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In the Date field, specify the type of dates to print on the report: document dates or posting dates but we have customized Gl transaction Listing Report so that user can print Report using customized UI.  (Refer below Output of the Gl transaction Listing Report)

To print Gl transaction Listing Report we also have provided a customized user interface with an option from and to date, from and to Account date same as follows:-

As you can see in the above screenshot, only date and account number have been provided in the finder.  So the report was printing data from the beginning till the specified date also modified printed data in the customized Report as data like Account number, Account description, Year, Journal description date, credit as well Debit amount etc.

NOTE: – Requirement may change as per client requirement.

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