Customized UI for Export Sales Details in CSV Format

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As we know we can do as many validations & customizations in Sage 300 with respect to the data for our end users. We have developed new customized UI for exporting Sales Data in CSV format so that the customer can get the detailed Sales Data for a particular month in which he can tally all the invoices including their respective items & customers.

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The UI which we have created are as follows:

In the above UI we have provided date filter with Export & Close button. We have provided folder path for exporting 3 files in which we have displayed data as per Sales Invoices, their respective Customers & Item Details.

  1. Sales: The data which are displaying in Sales Sheet are as follows:

In the above screenshot of our sales sheet we have exported the detailed data of Sales Invoices in Sage 300 ERP.

     2. Items :

Similarly we have exported data of Items in Item Sheet in which we are showing the details of all the items which are used in the Sales Data.

As per the above screenshot, we have exported all the details of the particular item used in the Sales Invoices for the respected customers.

     3. Customer :

Similarly, we have exported Customer Sheet to show the detailed data of the particular customers for the specific Sales Invoices.

The main purpose of this blog is to show the end user all the Sales Data with their respective customers & items for the particular month in Sage 300 ERP.


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