Export screen enhancement in Sage 300c

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In this blog, we will discuss about the print destination for screens and reports, there are several ways to print reports in Sage 300, depending on your needs.
Let’s take a short overview to print Report in Sage Desktop Version:-
At the time of Exporting Report in the Desktop version, there will be an option present on the standard user interface to export the report in a different format (Refer below the screen)

  • Print to a physical printer, to create permanent copies of the information.
  • Print to a preview on your screen, for quick review.
  • Print to a file that you can save, print later, import into another program, or transfer to other electronic media.
  • Print to e-mail, to send a report as an e-mail attachment

With the release of Sage 300 v2018 here are some new features has been introduced, we are going to discuss new improvement added in Export screen

As we have seen previously there were no options to select a page number and From to Option but now with web Version, there is provision to select the particular range of the page number and user able to export data.  (Refer below the screen)


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