How system fetch Most Recent Cost of particular Item in Sage 300?

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Use the I/C Items screen to:

  • Add new items, and change or delete existing item records.
  • Select the item structure and enter segment information for a new item number. (Click the Zoom button to open the I/C Construct Item Number Screen.)

Use the I/C Item Pricing screen to:

  • Assign items to price lists.
  • Specify and edit item pricing information for each price list. If you have Sage 300 Premium ERP, you can also:
      • Price volume discounts by quantity or weight.
      • Enter one or more base prices for multiple units of measure.
      • Calculate the base price using the cost plus a percentage or amount.

Today in this blog we will discuss how do standard functionality work if Transaction and Functional both currencies are different

Let’s take a simple example to understand this scenario

Now we are going to create PO Receipt Entry with below detail

After filling all the detail in the grid you can see as above Unit price gets updated automatically and we have set Default unit cost is “Most recent cost”

Now let’s see Most recent cost from IC Location details screen for the same details

How are both Amount different?

If we can see both currencies, it means that the transaction and functional currencies are different and that’s the reason why Rate tab gets enable in PO receipt screen (Refer above PO Receipt screen)

The logic for the Unit cost?

We have mentioned Rate if functional currencies differ than transaction currencies which is 1.3668000 (Rate) * 21.369622 (Po Receipt unit cost )= 29.20799935 (same amount from IC location details screen



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