New features and improvements on OE Invoice screen in Sage 300 v2018

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Overview of OE Invoice screen:-

Use the O/E Invoice Entry screen to enter prepayments, and to enter, post, print, and export invoices.

On the O/E Invoice Entry screen, you can:

  • Enter prepayments for invoices
  • Export invoices
  • Print receipts (for prepayments) and invoices immediately after posting

Customer Tab:-

Use the Customer tab to specify information about the customer, including shipping method, price list, and eligibility for discounts.

On the Customer tab, you can specify:

  • Shipping method

You can specify payment schedules for customers who are making multiple payments. For more information, see Customer Payment Schedules.

Invoice Tab:-

Use the Invoice tab to perform the following tasks:

  • Specify general information about the invoice

If you see the invoice screen, you will note that there will are multiple option or tab that a user can use at the time of creating OE invoice Entries.

New Stuff:-Auto Emailing on Order Posting in Sage 300 ERP

Using From multiple Shipment option user can select N number of shipment and on the base of shipment, the system will generate Invoice for that shipment

But how can user fetch same selected shipment details?

With the release of the Sage 300 v2018 some new features has been introduced. In this blog, we are going to discuss new features added in Invoice Entry Screen.

The new feature added in Invoice Entry screen Shipment Drill button. (Refer below the screen)

On the click of shipment drill button user able view details of selected shipment Entry.

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