Receiving Location cost cannot exceed the defined limit in customized IC Transfer screen

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Now a days most of us are already aware about the standard Sage 300 I/C transfer screen functionality. In this blog, we are going to discuss about some additional functionality which we have customized.

Let’s take a short overview of standard Sage 300 I/C transfer screen functionality.

Use I/C Transfers screen to:

  • Enter and post stock transfers between physical inventory locations if you store items at more than one location.
  • Import transfer transactions from other Sage 300 ERP databases or from non-Sage 300 ERP programs.
  • Export transfer transactions.
  • Process the inventory transfer, including details for serialized or lotted items, as usual.

If we can see in the standard functionality, the user can post Transfer entries it doesn’t matter whether receivable location cost exceeds than the actual cost for receivable location in such way we have customized standard IC transfer screen

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We have customized I/C transfer screen such that the Transfer should be restricted for posting if the Receiving Location will have the cost impact which value exceeds than the defined limit and for this, we will create a custom table and that table will contain location and the limit for that location.

Let’s take an example to understand better.

Suppose an user has created Transfer entries for item A1-103/0 with Receivable location Mumbai and we have already defined a limit for Mumbai location will be 1000 using a customized table.

Now the system will check actual transaction costing for receivable location Mumbai and if is exceeds costing which we have already defined from the customized table then error message occurred and posting get failed.

Note: – We have considered only transfer type from IC Transfer screen and functionality may change as per client requirement

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