Retrieve the Data click on Load Button when Entry get failed on PO Receipt screen

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Overview of Po Receipt Screen:-

Use the Receipt Entry screen to:

  • Enter receipts of goods into Purchase Orders—for inventory or non-inventory items.
  • Edit existing receipts.
  • Enter or change the vendor address information.
  • Enter additional costs for receipts (from primary or secondary vendors).
  • Invoice receipts and additional costs.
  • The user can put the number of the item at line level in the PO receipt entry screen

As we see above, we can enter all the information but what happens if Receipt Posting gets failed due to some reason? Can we retrieve the same data again?

Yes, we have done customization on the PO Receipt entry screen and find a solution for the same so let’s discussed about Customization

We will customize PO Receipt screen

to fetch this screen Purchase Order–> P/O Transaction –> Receipt screen (Refer below the screen)

we will add Save and load button on the PO Receipt screen so that when posting fails from the same screen we can retrieve the data with the details.

Let’s take an example for more clarification

Suppose we will going to create PO Receipt RCP001 with details Unit cost (100), Vendor number (1200), Item number ( ABC ) and the user will be Johny.

Now the first user will Click on the Save button and on the save button suppose entry get failed due to some reason, in this case, we have to capture the same data with the current user details.

Now click on the LOAD button we will open a new pop window with below details.

ID number:- Once entry fails after clicking on the save button details will get generated with Unique ID number

USER:- this will be User ID of the users who attempted to post the same transaction.

Date:- this will be the date for the same transaction which gets Failed and needs to captured session date (DD-MM-YYYY)

Time:- this will be Time for the same transaction which gets Failed

Select the ID number click on the Ok button so that the data captured for that session gets retrieved on the screen. Please note, this will load only the details that were saved Vendor number, PO number, Receipt Date, Item Number, Qty Received, Unis cost Etc


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