Update Order UOM as the pricing UOM on Order Entry screen

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We use the O/E Order Entry screen to enter, edit, and post transactions, print documents, enter prepayments, and perform other key Order Entry tasks.

On the O/E Order Entry screen, you can:

  • Enter, edit, and post quotes and orders, including active, standing, and future orders.
  • Enter prepayments for orders.
  • Enter quantities shipped, and create an invoice for shipped quantities.
  • Print quotes, order confirmations, receipts (for prepayments), and invoices (if created for shipped quantities) immediately after posting.

Before proceed further let’s go through Pricing UOM & Order UOM.

User can use the I/C Units of Measure screen to add the units of measure (UOMs) in which you buy, sell, price, and stock your inventory items.

Inventory Control lets you define all of your units of measure in a single place so you can add them more easily to item records.

Units of measure can be numbers of items, dry measures, liquid measures, or weights. You can add all of your stocking units and multiples of stocking units to the Units of Measure screen, and then choose the group of units you need for each item you add.

You can choose in the I/C Options screen whether to allow only the units of measure that you define here in inventory records. If you do not choose ‘Only Use Defined UOM’, you can use other units of measure with items

We have a requirement for one of the client, need to fetch default the Order UOM as the pricing UOM

  • Following is the path of the default screen of OE order Entry screen

To navigate, go to Order Entry –>OE Transactions –>Order Entry.

Let’s take an example to understand this in details. We have created Order entry with item Details “A1-103/0” and “Ea.” Order UOM.

Once the user gets select those detail on Order entry then the system will automatically update Order UOM as the pricing UOM.

Refer below screen:-

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